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Gazzotti, the famed Italian flooring manufacturer is making its debut in Canada exclusively with IDEE17. For the past century, Gazzotti has been one of the most elite manufacturers in the industry due to expertly skilled Italian craftsmanship and trend-setting designs. Learn more about us and our relationship with this legendary company or watch a video.
Italian Elegance and Quality

Just Released several new Selections in the Vintage and Extra- Resistant collections.  Various white, grey and taupe colours that definitely appeal to the North American market.

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A beautiful and enticing exhibition of the Gazzotti line.

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Matchless Hardwood Flooring

A stunning room without a correspondingly striking floor can feel as empty as a beautiful frame with a blank canvas. If you would like to fill this blank space with luxurious Italian style, we are happy to help. Order flooring samples to make it easy to decide which of our flooring options best fits your design plans.

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We understand that sometimes you or your clients require printed materials. We would be happy to send you a Gazzotti hardwood flooring catalogue, brochures, or any of the other print information we have available about IDEE17 and Gazzotti’s flooring.

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